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hakama  bomull  sort  farge
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Hakama i bomull. Sort farge. Lett og komfortabel uniform til bruk i Aikido og Kendo. Finnes i størrelse 25-30
Hakama made of 35% cotton and 65% poluester fabric, completely black. Very comfortable and fresh Hakama, it has all the requirements: 5 folds on the front and 2 on the back, to keep the bases of the Aikido, the koshita is rigid and elastic, it contains Fuji Mae’s logo embroidered on the inside, the clothing is sealed to maintain the folds properly; besides due to its fabric, it can wrinkle easily due to its fabric. It can be combined with any aikidogi, kendogi and laidogi, because on the backside under the koshita it has the Hera; ideal for medium intensity trainings. • Traditional pattern • 35% rayon and 65% polyester black canvas fabric • 5 folds on the front side and 2 on the backside • Rigid and elastic Koshiita with Fuji Mae’s logo on the inside. • Can be used in Aikido, kendo and laido, it contains a Hera on the backside • Wash with neutral detergents, preferably hand-wash, it can fade during the first washes; let it dry in the shade.
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