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Prowearfightshorts, featuring rip resistant and lightweight materials, have been created to maximize comfort throughout your training and fighting sessions. From kicking to squads, these fightshorts fit you in any occasion and adapt to any intensity with an easy and sporty look. • Slightly wide, neither too tight nor too loose, and long cut until reaching the upper part of your knees. • Side slits and elastic extensions at the bottom of the shorts to reduce their weight and allow flexing your knees to ensure full range of motion. • Double Velcro locking system, adjustable laces and Anti-Slip tape around the waist to provide strong support. • 100% lightweight and breathable polyester. Stretchable extensions made of polyester and spandex blend. • Reinforced seams and rip resistant fabric to ensure durability. • ProWear guarantee: Combining quality, technology and design to be equipped with a product conceived to help you achieve your goals and focus your strengths on what really matters.
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