Shaka Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Qs

shaka brazilian jiu jitsu gi qs
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Take control of the tatami with the new Shaka 20 BJJ Gi QS conceived to resist everything. Manufactured of premium materials and with a plain yet thorough design to stand out the elegance of the BJJ techniques, the Shaka 20 QS is a high-end uniform selected for the best. • The jacket is made from a 450gsm Honeycomb Weave cotton fabric to resist the always demanding BJJ while providing a great comfort. Wash in cold water to improve its lifetime (Note that cotton uniforms shrink after first washings). • Trousers are made from a lightweight 250gsm polyester and cotton blend ripstop fabric. The ripstop weaving provides an increased resistance to tearing and ripping. • The collar is reinforced with EVA foam on the inside for an improved grappling during the training. • Plain design yet premium quality embellishments. Sublimated inner lining. • Traditional waistband with rubber cord laces. • Reinforced at tension points, including the knees, for an increased durability. • Adapted to top athletes and the IBJJF standards.
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