ProWear ITF belt

prowear itf belt
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Level up with the new ProWear ITF belt, the well-deserved reward to the sacrifice and perfectionism invested in reaching a new belt grade. Designed to get the best look and adjustment, and carefully manufactured of 100% cotton, paying particular attention in all its phases, from the design to the final display, going through the production process, the ProWear ITF belt is an evidence of superior quality for demanding ITF athletes. • Manufactured of 100% cotton. • Extra thickness: reinforced inner construction with a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility. • 4cm of width and 8 stitching lines for an extraordinary look. • Heat-transfer logo for an updated sporty look. • Solid dye with vivid colors. Wash cold to preserve initial properties at their best for an excellent performance. • Special packaging for a more attentive delivery of the belt to the student. • Available in multiple colors. Standard size of 180cm. • Ideal for embroidery. Contact us to customize your ProWear belt. • ProWear guarantee: Combining quality, technology and design to be equipped with a product conceived to help you achieve your goals and focus your strengths on what really matters.
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