Training Kung Fu uniform

training kung fu uniform
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The new Training Kung Fu uniform has been designed to become the best training uniform on the market. Conceived to resist the demanding pace of the daily training; its pattern has been improved, its new design offers a perfect look and its 8oz synthetic and cotton blend fabric provides more resistance, comfort and quality than any other training uniform available on the market. Appropriate for beginners looking for quality, mid-level Kung Fu students and even as a 365 uniform for experienced athletes, the new Training Kung Fu uniform is an unrivaled choice in terms of price and quality. • Manufactured of a cotton and polyester blend, its 8oz selected fabric, superior compared to the market standard, increases resistance of the uniform and ensures to keep its best look day by day. Wash in cold water to improve its lifetime (Note that cotton uniforms shrink after first washings). • Plain and pragmatic conception to become a referent training uniform in Chinese Martial Arts. • Mandarin collar, seven frog buttons (five on young sizes), side slits and roll up cuffs. • Wide and loose cut for unrestricted movement. • Elastic waistband with laces in all sizes helping the correct adjustment of trousers to the student. • Elastic cuffs in the ankles for a precise and comfortable fit. • Jacket (#10614) and trousers (#10615) are also supplied separately to enable additional size combinations. • Plain and customizable design. Contact us for further information.
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