Fujimae equipment deodorizer

fujimae equipment deodorizer
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The FUJIMAE equipment deodorizer is the ultimate solution to get rid of the odor generated from sweat and moisture in sports equipment. From gloves and other protective gear to footwear, bamboo charcoal air-purifying bags absorb and eliminate the odor while increasing the lifetime of your equipment. • Elimination of bad smells caused by bacteria, mold and germs. • 100% natural moso bamboo charcoal product. • Odorless. It just deodorizes and absorbs humidity. • Two air-purifying bags included to be placed into the equipment, often sold in pairs. • Reusable. Exposed outdoors under the sun once a month, the FUJIMAE equipment deodorizer rejuvenates and reactivates its initial properties. • Versatile. To be used also beyond sports equipment.

Composition: Bamboo charcoal

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