Sheru Light Mouthguard SR

sheru light mouthguard sr
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The ultracompact Sheru mouthguard has been designed to bring ultimate lightness in dental protection to those athletes feeling more comfortable using a small-sized mouthguard. Appropriate for training and competition at all levels, the Sherumouthguard helps you more than any other model to speak, breathe and drink.

• Mouthguard against impacts and abrupt occlusions.
• Engineered from thermoplastic polymers for a single-layer construction of only 22g of weight.
• Remoldable up to 20 times.
• Microperforated design for optimal and deep breathing and lightweight construction for easy speaking and drinking.
• Appropriate for 12+ year old.
• Delivered in a breathable protective case to keep your mouthguard clean and away from bacteria when transporting it.
• Including use instructions.


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