The art of Patterns vol 2

the art of patterns vol 2
ITF Mønster fra Yon Gae til Tong IL
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ITF mønster fra Yon-Gae - Tong IL The new from the Black Belt Project featuring Mr. Jaroslaw Suska VI DAN, multiple world and European champion along with European and World Cup champions: Mr. Lylian Doulay VI DAN from France and Mr. Massimo Persia from Italy. Taekwon-do legends, world-class competitors who have devoted their time to perform for you in this book, amazed me with their professionalism and dedication. You will find here patterns from Yon-Gae to Tong-Il. Each movement is described and with the Korean and English name. You get the big picture of every movement and the diagram how to move your feet from one to another.
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