Ninja uniform

ninja uniform
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Gi for Ninjutsu, completely black, made of 100% cotton canvas, includes accessories. Complete Ninjutsu equipment. The outfit is composed by two pieces with traditional pattern; they keep the Ninja characteristics, because they include all the accessories. The jacket has the elbow, shoulder and back of the neck padded, in order to improve the protection of hits and skin chaffing; the trousers have traditional waist with adjustable drawstring for a better grip; it is looser on the thigh area and it gets narrower at the bottoms, the knees are padded and it has drawstrings until the hems. Besides it includes different accessories: belt with pockets, sleeves that cover the back of your hand, balaclava and hood; all the complements can be easily taken off. • Traditional pattern. • 100% cotton canvas fabric • Jacket with padded areas • Trousers with padded area, wais and bottoms with drawstrings • Includes accessories • For training and competition. • Wash separately at 30º and do not use the dryer • It can be customized with embroideries and vinyl, contact us

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